C. Biodiesel Dari Minyak Biji Nyamplung Melalui Proses Transesterifikasi Dengan Reaktor Sistem Aliran Berkelanjutan


  • yanatra budi pramana Universitas PGRI Adi Buana


This study aims to study the effect of temperature, flow velocity in the reactor and product flow velocity on FAME yield in the transesterification process of nyamplung seed oil into biodiesel in packed bed columns. As a whole the process involved includes degumming, acid catalyzed esterification and alkaline catalyzed transesterification. The transesterification process is carried out in a packed bed column. In the transesterification process, the fixed variable is the molar ratio of methanol to oil and the amount of NaOH catalyst to oil. While the independent variables are temperature, flow velocity in the reactor and the transesterification product flow rate and the response variable is (percentage)% FAME in the product. To obtain% FAME, product samples were analyzed using GC with internal standard methods.