B. Peningkatan Hasil Belajar Matematika Menggunakan Metode Demonstrasi Dalam Pembuktian Luas Bangun Datar Siswa Kelas V SDN 2 Banyuurip Ujungpangkah Gresik Tahun Ajaran 2018 / 2019


  • Imam Suharso Universitas WR Supratman Surabaya
  • Angga Arif Kurniawan Universitas WR Supratman Surabaya




Learning activities are low because the learning method applied is not appropriate, therefore researchers are interested in conducting classroom action research with the title "Improving Mathematics Learning Outcomes Using Demonstration Methods In Proving the Area of ??Flat Building is the result of classroom action research that ultimately results can be developed in school institutions, so that a little can help teachers overcome mathematics learning which is expected to improve the quality of learning through Demonstration methods. The results of the analysis that have been performed are analyzed. on the first and second cycles of learning with the use of Demonstration media. Students who got a score of 70 and above were 3 students, while those who scored less than 70 there were 4 students. Thus students who complete their study are 43%, so that classically it has not been completed. While from the daily repetition analysis in the second cycle towards increasing classical completeness from 43% in the first cycle to 100% and the average value from 65 to 88. Based on the results the research that has been done can be concluded that the demonstration method can improve the results and mathematics learning activities of class V students on extensive evidence of flat building material.


Keywords: Demonstration Method, Proof of Build Flat Area.