H. Pengembangan Modul Mata Kuliah Pembelajaran Terpadu Untuk Meningkatkan Perkuliahan Di Jurusan S-1 PGSD FIP UNESA


  • Julianto . Universitas WR Supratman Surabaya
  • Jandut Gregorius
  • Endang Darmawati



S1 PGSD in the curriculum, integrated learning is one of the subjects that must be programmed S1 students PGSD (UNESA Handbook, 2011-2012). Through several revisions description of the curriculum, this course has not had a textbook that is adequate for students S1 PGSD, just book supplements of program D-2, and publications such as Fogarti that have not been able to provide examples of real students PGSD as well as the occurrence of disagreement between lecturers eye the lecture. For the purpose of this research proposal was made to develop an integrated learning course modules in accordance with their lessons in primary schools. The module includes (1) the introduction, (2) Learning Activities section, and (3) references. Introductory section contains (1) a general explanation of the module, (2) indicator of learning. Learning Activities section contains (1) a description of the content of learning, (2) summarize, (3) test, (4) the answer key, and (5) feedback. Contributions in the study subjects resulted in a module integrated learning at the Department PGSD Unesa FIP. This research is a development being done by developing an integrated learning course modules. This module adopts the model of development of research and development by Gravemeijer (1994, in Amin, 2006) which includes the steps of: 1) Analysis of the problem; 2) Design; 3) Realization; 4) Validation; and 5) Implementation. In this study only at the stage 3 only namely to produce a draft module integrated learning courses. Outcomes in this study is the MK Module Integrated Learning. So far, it can be concluded that the research module development conducted by researchers went according to planned time, so it can produce MK Module Integrated Learning accordance with the characteristics and needs of students in the field. Modules produced in this study, requires students to learn independently in understanding the concepts that exist in the MK-integrated learning, in addition to regular students attend lectures in the classroom.

Based on the expert validation results showed that the modules that have been developed feasible for use with some revisions suggested by the experts. For expert validation results gained an average of 4.13 for the material terms, in terms of construction 4.10, and 4.20 in terms of language. While student response to MK module Integrated Learning gained an average of 4.33 in material terms, in terms of construction of 4.35 and 4.64 in terms of language. As for suggestions obtained from the results of validation and student response associated with the writing (spacing, font, and font letters are used) and the summary contained in the module are simplified.

Keywords: Module, Integrated Learning, PGSD.